Water & Wastewater

With a growing population and aging infrastructure, LNV’s engineers meet today’s specific engineering needs with their unique experience in design, management, construction, master planning, and development programs. LNV has a close working relationship with state and federal regulators regarding water/wastewater systems, National and Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System prevention plans. LNV can help you meet the challenges head-on, building a better vision for tomorrow.
  • Water Supply, Treatment and Distribution Facilities
  • Wastewater Collection, Treatment, Disposal & Re-Use Facilities
  • Master Planning
  • Capital Improvement Programs
  • Water Front Developments
  • Program Management
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Utility & Infrastructure GIS Mapping
  • Digitizing base maps using GIS
  • Floodplain & Dam Breach Mapping
  • Spatial Data Assessment & Conversion

GIS Services

The staff providing LNV’s GIS services has 15 years of combined experience utilizing Geographic Information Systems (GIS). GIS technology is used to map, store, manage, manipulate, analyze, and present geographically referenced spatial data such as boundaries, floodplains, hydrologic and hydraulic features, topography, aerial photography, utilities, etc. and their respective attributes. Several of LNV’s other engineering services frequently use a GIS to assist in decision making and data visualization and presentation.