With more than 30 years of surveying expertise, and having staked the first well in the Eagle Ford, LNV has developed a legacy for providing the upmost standard of excellence to its clients. The award-winning firm utilizes the latest technology and highest quality instruments to ensure all projects are completed accurately in a timely manner. With expanded locations, LNV’s skilled experts are able to mobilize at a moment’s notice to ensure a quick turnaround. The firm strives to exceed all expectations on every project. Listed below is a sampling of the services offered:
Oil and Gas
  • Oil and gas well staking
  • Mineral lease and unit designation surveys
  • Pipeline/easement staking and locating
  • Plan and profile alignment sheets
  • Facility and pad site surveys
  • Route surveys
  • T-4 permit mapping
  • TxDOT permitting
  • Mapping gathering systems
  • Land use or damage plats
  • As-drilled plats for completion
Aerial Mapping, GIS and 3D Scanning
  • Aerial photo control
  • Parcel mapping
  • Planimetric feature identification and mapping
  • Contour maps
  • Plan and profile sheets
  • Digital terrain modeling
  • Preliminary and georectified parcel mapping
  • Volume surveys
  • Reverse engineering scans
  • Facility site scans
  • Utility relocation plans
General Land Surveying
  • Boundary surveys
  • Topographic surveys
  • Hydrographic surveys
  • ALTA surveys
  • Title surveys
  • Design surveys
  • Right of way surveys
  • Preliminary centerline/alignment staking
  • Construction staking
  • As-built surveys
  • Monitoring well surveys