LNV assists clients with energy vision attainment by implementing a world class “Energy Program” to include: asset management and planning solutions focused on energy projects; retro commissioning, design, retrofit, continuous commissioning services; and policy, programming, strategic communications, and portfolio management.
  • Policy, Programming, Tactics/Procedures, and Strategic Communications
  • Advanced Asset Management and Planning Solutions
  • Energy Consulting, Engineering and Design Services
  • Energy Retrofit and Construction Services
  • Systems Diag
  • Re/Retro/Continuous Commissioning Services
  • Energy Audit Services that can focus on the following areas:
    • Mechanical Systems HVAC, Pumps, Enthalpy Wheels, etc.
    • Monitoring Inefficiencies & Consumption tracking to target Savings
    • Controls Providing maximum Comfort with minimum Consumption
    • Power Factor Corrections Targeting low power factor that carry penalties
    • Electrical Systems Targeting inefficient Lighting & adding Natural Daylight
    • Building Envelope Providing Whole Building Solutions
    • Equipment, Appliances, Water Heaters
    • Water Conservation Measures
    • Renewable Energy Solutions
    • Operational (Demand/Response) Management Practices
    • Industrial Plant Manufacturing Equipment & Service Equipment
    • Industrial Plant Lighting
    • Specialty Infrastructure Situations

More Info

LNV offers “Total Energy Services” delivered through four execution categories:
(1) Material solutions to reduce consumption and increase renewable energy sources.
(2) Managed energy commodity purchasing to reduce cost.
(3) Strategic planning, special venture development, and game changing asset management practices to reduce footprint and leverage private resources.
(4) Policy, programming, concept of operations, tactics-techniques-procedures, strategic communications needed for portfolio management to align regulations, doctrine, organization, manpower, leadership, training, and personnel creating an ideal and enduring culture of energy awareness.
LNV’s four execution categories enable energy intensity reduction, renewable energy usage expansion, and energy cost control. Conceptual representation of these targeted results is captured in the Figure.