Corpus Christi - Water Master Plan

LNV Engineering was responsible for performing the city-wide growth projections and completing an infill analysis study for the City of Corpus Christi’s recent Water Distribution System Master Plan. This sets the foundation of the entire master plan. It is especially important in the planning process because the demand projections and consequently the recommended distribution improvements are based on the City’s growth.

To improve the process of projecting the City’s growth, LNV incorporated the use of the City’s existing GIS. The City had existing land use, proposed land use, undeveloped parcels, and utility data in GIS format. This data was collected and overlaid onto recent aerial photographs in ArcView GIS 9.x to verify that each parcel of land was correctly classified as residential, commercial, industrial or park use.

This information was used in conjunction with the City’s 10 year growth patterns to predict which land parcels would most likely be developed in 5 year time increments to the year 2030. All of this work was performed in ArcView GIS 9.x and the resulting general land use plan shapefile was the basis for the water demand projections input into the water model to analyze the systems performance and to aid in the development of water delivery alternatives for this master plan.

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Location: Corpus Christi, Texas
Owner: The City of Corpus Christi