US 181 Frontage Road Drainage Project

LNV was contracted by Texas Department of Transportation to work with their Corpus Christi District Design Office to provided engineering services for roadway and drainage design for US Highway 181 through the City of Gregory, Texas. The project was approximately 3 miles in length and included the design of four-main lanes (2 in each direction) and four-frontage lanes (2 in each direction). The main lane design included two separate bridge overpasses, with clearances greater than 16 feet. The scope of this project also included the hydrologic and hydraulic design for two centerline structures, several thousand feet of underground storm drainage systems, a 9 acre detention pond, and various side ditches along the route. Other miscellaneous design items included signing, striping, and upgrades to utility lines, including water and wastewater. The joint bid utility work included extensive utility coordination with corresponding local entities.

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Location: Corpus Christi, Texas
Owner: Texas Department of Transportation
Estimated Completion Date: April 30th, 2008
Final Construction Budget: $21,000,000