Roto Blade Balance #2 Lift - CCAD

LNV, Inc. provided a turn-key solution for all supervision, material, labor, supplies and technical expertise to demolish portions of the exiting blade transport system and install a new single stage vertical lift at Blade Balance Stand #2. LNV, Inc. responsibilities included but were not limited to the plan, demolition, removal of debris of portions of the old blade transport system, design, build, construct and safe installation of the single stage vertical lift system. This included all auxiliary equipment necessary to transport three main rotor blades at one time from ground level to the top rotor head deck approximately 64 feet above ground level. The lift has a transportable loading table/cart to position the main rotor blades while being pinned to their respective hub. The Steel structure was designed to withstand Category 5 hurricane wind forces.

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Location: Corpus Christi, Texas
Owner: Corpus Christ Army Depot