Austin Water Utility Infrastructure Asset Management

LNV, Inc., (LNV) was contracted by Malcolm Pirnie, Inc., to perform Asset Management Services for the Austin Water Utility (AWU). Austin Water Utility (AWU) provides water, wastewater and reclaimed water service to approximately 900,000 people. AWU desired to continue improving its overall efficiency and effectiveness through ongoing implementation of a comprehensive asset management program that encompassed 500,000 plus assets. This asset management program allowed AWU to target their investments for maximum return and provided the utility with a comprehensive and structural approach to more efficiently and effectively allocate its resources It established a framework for prioritizing their 100 Million dollar per year capital investment program and helped them better plan for operating a sustainable business for the future.

The goal of the first phase of this project (Amendment 1 and 2) was to successfully integrate existing data, systems, processes, and practices into a formal asset management program and framework. Amendment 3 built upon the asset management work completed in Amendment 1 and 2 and provided ongoing support to assist AWU with implementing key elements of the asset management program. LNV along with Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. and GHD, developed a targeted scope of work to fit the needs of AWU, focusing on several high-priority implementation initiatives discussed with AWUs asset management and leadership team. This third amendment included a comprehensive inventory, condition and risk assessment of two of AWUs most critical treatment facilities as well as the development of a pilot asset management plan for both the water distribution and wastewater collection system. LNV also included support for ongoing refinement of maintenance management systems to support asset management, along with initial efforts to review and select key service level metrics to drive the asset management program. Lastly, LNV included general support to help refine and incorporate ongoing lift station condition data into the asset management program.

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Location: Austin, Texas
Owner: Austin Water Utility